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In The Press

"So when Pluto came onto the scene earlier this year offering custom-made pillows well under $100, I was ALL IN."

"Having tested a variety of pillows in the past, I could tell immediately that no other pillow comes close."

"I raved so much about my new pillow to my roommate, she insisted on trying it the other night to see what all the fuss was about. She hated the height and density of it, and felt it wasn’t thick enough for her taste. Guess she'll need to get her own."

"This was odd. I was certain I was going to try this pillow I’d never heard as a novelty, and go back to the old guard as if nothing had happened. “Why don’t you just keep using the new one?” my wife said. “You seem to LIKE it.” She was right, and that’s just what I did."

"Pluto Pillow is hands down the best way to get a pillow that you're guaranteed to like."

"I took the survey and tested the pillow, and found that it did, indeed, provide exactly the right combination of support and softness for me, which helped me fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer."

"When they arrived, it was apparent that the customization isn’t just a gimmick."

"A custom pillow startup is going to change the way you sleep."

"Make poor pillow purchases a thing of the past with Pluto Pillow’s comprehensive questionnaire, which allows you to craft a personalized pillow with the right balance of support and comfort from more than 25 possible variations."

"The release of Pluto Pillow is the first of its kind among the existing online sleep and mattress companies, with the goal of putting the focus back to where sleepers lay their heads every night."

Pluto Pillow Truck Pluto Pillow Truck Pluto Pillow Truck Pluto Pillow Truck