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So far, so good!

Pluto Pillow is comfortable and satisfying so far. Have only had it a couple of weeks. I did sleep all through the night once this week, which is unusual!

Best Purchase!

When I first received my Pluto Pillow, I was not 100% satisfied with it. I’m really picky when it comes to choosing the right pillow for me since I sleep on my side, and absolutely I need the pillow to be firm enough to support my head and spine the right way. The first time it was wayyy too soft for my liking... couple of minutes later I would end up flat on my mattress. Since I was not satisfied with it, Pluto Team (which they are AMAZING) reached out to me and helped me fix the issue that I had with the pillow. They send me FREE a new case for my customized pillow and I have to say (4th night today already) that the new case is 90% more better than the other one. It’s the right firmness, it bounces, it’s breathable and so SO SUPPORTIVE! I don’t even get stiff neck pains and I feel like every night, I just don’t want to leave my bed. (Yes it’s that amazing) I feel like my head is sleeping on a cloud! I told my entire family about this pillow and slowly we will be all transitioning to Pluto Pillow! Thank you Pluto Team for this amazing discovery! Cheers to YOU!

Love it!!

I do think this is the right pillow for me. I would recommend ordering a pillow this way.

It's a Miracle!!!

My Pluto pillow is....a miracle!!! There was no "break in" period needed. I got a great night's sleep the first night!!! It is, without a doubt, the best pillow I have ever owned. Thank you to the pillow designers and engineers....you hit the bullseye on this one!!!!

Best Pillow

I'm really enjoying my Pluto Pillow. It is very supportive, while still being soft. It's the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on. I'm a side sleeper and very satisfied with it.

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