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Jodi U.
Amazing Pillow!

I have suffered from neck pain almost all my adult life as a result of being rear-ended in an accident. My chiropractor suggested down pillows, but I had a hard time finding one that would last that I could use just on its own. I tried the Pluto pillow out of desperation. IMMEDIATE relief. I have been sleeping SO well with this pillow, with no pain, and no other pillows to prop it up. It's worth every penny and more. Highly, highly recommend

Nicholas L.

Very comfortable and firm. Just like I wanted it.

Ernesto G.
Extraordinary service

I’m so happy with my pillow. I got one that was a bit higher of what I needed so I contacted them and I got an extraordinary service to get a thinner core and get the perfect size. I sleep really well with this pillow.

Stopped snoring!

I’m very happy with my new Pluto back sleeping pillow. My shoulders have stopped hurting, neck not bothering me and breathing better in the middle of night.

Nancy R.
Great fit!

I have already recommended Pluto Pillows to a friend. The questions helped to find a good match for me. The softness of the pillow makes for a great night’s sleep and it is the perfect height for me. No more stiff neck in the morning when I wake up.

Dennis M.
This is the one.

Love it and recommend it.

Kira B.
So squishy!

I love how squishy and fluffy this pillow is! I only wish it had a more cooling effect.
Otherwise, it’s perfect!

Hi Kira - thanks so much for your review! As we get closer to those hotter months, we'd love to share some tips. Please look out for an email from our CX team shortly. Thank you so much for the opportunity to craft your build and for sharing your experience! -Pluto Team

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