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I highly enjoy sleeping with my new pillow. I'm happy to have discovered a brand that shares my belief that pillows should not be one design for everyone. As a result, I've purchased many shredded foam pillows in the past, removed much filling, put back in much more filling, and even tried the pillows with multiple inserts inside. I've never found the comfort I was looking for, and come to think of it, aren't these just one design?

The only thing I would say is that my Pluto pillow is cooling to the point where my face feels a bit wet when I lie directly on it with no pillowcase. I like it now that it's still fairly hot, but will probably use a thicker pillowcase in the winter.


Alright, to be honest, I thought this was a gimmick. But I did do my research beforehand and saw that everyone gets a different type of pillow so I just decided to give it a chance since they seem to be on top of the customer service part. And then it arrived.....*drumroll*

I have tried many different types of pillows in the past (thanks to the variety of #1s on Amazon). My most recent one was an adjustable fill type filled with foam. BUT although I like them in the beginning (after taking most of the fill and storing them in bags), they tend to flatten out and get lumpy overtime. It's like I can feel the chunks?? It's not bad but it's not a great feeling.

I've had this pillow for a good amount of time now and wanted to do so before I submit any review. I don't see any reviews describing their pillow so I'll go ahead and give it a try. It has a smooth cotton cover, and is medium to a medium firm, very supportive. I've slept on it, washed it, gave it to my brother who tends to sleep similarly, and we seriously love this thing. I just wish it came in a king size, but Pluto Team says they're working on it. The pillow doesn't heat up, it's soft without losing support, and it really feels like it was made for me. I have a business trip coming up and dread the hotel pillows already! Thanks for this creation Pluto!

love it the pillow--and great customer service too!

I'll be honest, my first pillow was't quite what I hoped for and I still couldn't shake the neck pain I was struggling with that prompted me to try the pillow. After 2 weeks, I provided some feedback and customer service quickly got in touch to offer me a new inner based on this. After a discussion of what they thought would help and what I felt I needed, they shipped it along immediately and I was able to swap out the old for the new without having to return anything! They made it so easy and now I absolutely love my new pillow and look forward to going to bed knowing I'll wake up with no more pain!

If you're wondering, its worth it.

I wanted to wait a few weeks before I left a review. I really wanted to sleep on it ( no pun intended ) and experience it on a regular basis.
First off, after 3 days, my sore neck wasn't as sore anymore. After about a week, I felt more refreshed waking up and didn't have that " not enough rest" feeling. It's been a few weeks and the pillow has kept its shape, keeps cool at night, and my neck is no longer sore. I'm VERY happy with it! Considering getting rid of all my pillows and replacing them with Plutos. Also, shoutout to their customer service and super fast shipping! Don't sleep on it ( but really do ), you won't be disappointed.

Greatly improved my sleep quality!

I consider myself quite a light sleeper and I don't get the greatest quality of sleep. I generally sleep between 7-8 hours a night consistently and I do certain things to try and improve the qualify of my sleep such as blocking out blue light 2 hours before sleeping and wearing an eyemask while I sleep. Even then I still didn't get the best sleep.

After I got the Pluto Pillow, I noticed that my quality of sleep improved! I know this because I am much less likely to get sleepy in the afternoon or during my drive home from work. Also, I've noticed that it is easier to wake up in the morning and I never have the urge to hit the snooze button. I have continued to do everything else the same, only now I am using the Pluto Pillow so I am quite convinced that this is what helped me. I am so glad I got the Pluto Pillow and it is worth every penny to wake up finally feeling refreshed and to safely drive home!

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