Due to high demand, some custom pillows may be delayed 🙂 Current delay for custom standard 24"x16" pillows: 4 weeks Current delay for custom king 34"x16" pillows: 6 weeks The Pluto PUFF has landed—the galaxy's comfiest body pillow ☁️ The Pluto PUFF delivers within 7 business days 🚀 Due to high demand, some custom pillows may be delayed 🙂

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Myron T.
Excellent ALL around!!

Absolutely AMAZING customer service and the product is far and away the best pillow on the market!! Especially for the price!! We've spent $100's on pillows and they don't even touch this one!!

Karla K.
Pluto Perfection

I love my Pluto pillow. I haven’t slept more than two hours at a time for years. I also woke up with a neck ache or headache. Since using my new pillow I am sleeping at least six hours without waking and haven’t had any headaches.

Laurie R.
Finally 🙌

After my brother snatched my favourite latex pillow that I’ve been sleeping on for the past 8yrs (was still firm and clean!), i looked and bought pillows all over the internet and in stores but nothing came close the the pluto pillow. Your algorithm (if you can call it that lol) has met my expectations.
It’s only unfortunate that you don’t have a better shipping policy for Canada. I mean the pillow is initially $120 but I ended up paying $190 with a 9day wait. I’m sure you’re working on this warehousing situation. Lol i hope for you cause that xan be a big discouragement to press « purchase »
Thanks! Sleep well fellas!

Jeremiah J.
Well worth the wait!

I live in Alaska and we have been waiting to pick up our pillow from Seattle for a few months.Worth the wait!!!

David S.
Dream pillow.

I don't like fat bulky pillows, The pillow I ordered is thin, soft, never hard, and it remains soft all night long. Pricy, but well worth the money.

Claire E.
Marvelous Pillow

I love this pillow! It was made esp. for me & it's proven itself. I have gotten wonderful deep sleep. I thoroughly recommend it.

Becky E.
A good surprise!

When i received the pillow i thought it would be too hard but after several weeks of using the pillow it seems to be just right! I totally recommend.

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