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So far so good!

I’ve only had it a few days but it’s been great so far!

Very Comfortable

One of the best pillows I have had. Soft yet firm enough that it doesn't go flat.

This pillow changed my life!

The pluto pillow sounds like a fake or something, but ever since i got one for Christmas, i can’t top it! Not only does min keep cool at night, but it’s softer and helps me sleep better! Insomniacs, this might be what we were looking for!

The search is over!!

I have waited YEARS and have tried SO MANY different pillows and nothing compares to my Pluto. The box arrived yesterday, my sleep was amazing last night and I woke up with less pain in my neck than I've had in years. What a blessing. I'm amazed by how accommodating the pillow is both as I lay on my side (when falling asleep) and on my back(when waking up). For me, the result of my assessment was spot-on. I'm just so thrilled!!! Thank you, Pluto!

But it's just a pillow!?

My girlfriend came across Pluto on Instagram after low-key making fun of my old, flat pillows and then proceeded to gift me one for the holidays. A series of unfortunate events occurred soon after:

-She filled in my email address wrong
-I put in the wrong apartment number (just moved)
-UPS delayed my package over the holiday

In the first instance, Pluto reached out to her almost immediately (in her words) about her possible error. Not sure how they knew.

Once I finished and submitted the questionnaire, I realized that I put in the wrong apartment number and emailed the company. They responded that they’ve made the necessary corrections within minutes.

Although it only took a total of 6 days for the pillow to arrive, Pluto actually kept tabs on my order and their service team has been so friendly throughout.

I can’t believe I’ve been raving about a PILLOW company but they have been nothing but awesome. The pillow is of high quality and has been supporting the gap between my neck very nicely. When I lay on it it, it feels soft and doesn't disappear throughout the night. I will be supporting this brand and any new products for a long time to come.

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