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Jonathan B.
Finally able to sleep on my side

Ordinarily I am a stomach sleeper, but it has been causing me some issues, specifically neck pain and pain going from my shoulder to upper chest as I appear to be aggravating my chest muscles by having an arm locked up over my head all night.

For a while now, I’ve been trying to learn to sleep either on my side or my back to alleviate these issues. I’ve tried a bunch of different pillows, including ones specifically built for those sleeping styles, but I’ve never been comfortable enough to fall asleep and stay asleep in one of those positions. They had my neck too low or too high; too soft or uncomfortably firm; and those fancy pillows with a head “cut-out” in the middle were way too restrictive in where I had to lay. But with my Pluto pillow, I am finally able to fall sleep on my side. The soreness in my shoulders has nearly gone away completely, almost immediately, and I know that in general this is just a healthier way to sleep long-term.

Reagan E.
Pluto for the Best Sleep

I bought my second Pluto pillow this year. I’m a back sleeper and my customized pillow has been wonderful.

Rene K.
Great pillow!

Highly recommend. Not waking up two or three times a night. Worth the money.

Courtney B.
Best Pillow I’ve Ever Used

I was hesitant because of the price, but this is by far the best pillow I have ever used. I’ve struggled to find the right pillow as I’m a side sleeper but the pillow I was partnered with (on the first try!) has been fantastic.

Stacey G.
Love ❤️ My Pluto Pillow

After a quick, easy adjustment by Henry...my Pluto pillow is perfect! It is exactly what I ever wanted in a pillow and I love that Henry in Customer Service listened so carefully to me! I already recommended Pluto to my Team at work and I think they already ordered! I highly recommend Pluto...especially because they really care about making your pillow perfect!

Stephanie V.
Sleeping cool

I found a pillow I really enjoy and I can sleep well on, in any of my odd positions. LOL I do not wake with neck pain anymore.
My only complaint is that the King size is way too long. Much longer than any other king size pillow I have owned. This causes my Pluto to hang off the bed, get on my husband’s side of the bed, and make it difficult to take out on the sofa. I wish I could exchange it for a standard size. Then I think it would be perfect

Hi Stephanie - thanks for taking the time to leave a review! We'll be right with you with next steps in getting that perfect length (our king sizes can definitely be a bit substantial). Please look out for an email from us! Thank you again for your support and chat soon. -Pluto Team

Kim L.
Outstanding customer service. You have earned a loyal customer

Definitely would recommend. Great concept and good quality product.

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