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Excellent pillow

I love my Pluto pillow. It is so comfortable with just the right amount of fill and softness. I sleep great using it!


At this point I feel it is great. Thank you

Great customer service!

First of all, I really liked the thought of a personalized experience, so it was really cool to take Pluto's survey to determine which type of pillow would be right for me. The replaceable inner-pillow is also a very neat feature, as it made for easy replacement upon requested a softer core. Even though, ultimately the pillow didn't work out for me, I had a phenomenal experience with customer service with prompt, pleasant responses and round-the-clock service. The pillow itself was of great quality so even though it wasn't a good fit in my case, I would definitely recommend this company for the overall experience.

Best pillow I've ever slept on!

I've tried many brands from all price ranges and I was ready to be content with getting terrible sleep every night for the foreseeable future. When I came across Pluto pillows I decided to give them a try and am so grateful that I did. I have gotten better sleep with this pillow than any other pillow out there! Pluto is the best! Give them a try and get better sleep!

Happy Husband!

Finally a pillow that really works for him! Cool, comfortable, and granted it took about 4 days for him to acclimate but he finally admitted - he loves the Pluto pillow! Do you have any idea how many pillows (in pillow years!) it took pass the test? Nothing stood up to his beloved feather-heavy-as-lead pillow, until now! You all need to know I can finally BURY that old pillow! Thanks Pluto! No more morning neck or headaches!

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