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Nicole M.
Took an adjustment

This definitely took an adjustment, but it was worth it. I don’t wake up with neck pain or ribs out of place. What I thought I needed and what I actually needed were different. I am pleased with this purchase.


I love ❤️ my pillow. I've had it for approximately 1 year. I am 64 years old. I was diagnosed w/sleep apnea in 2012 and use a machine every night. For me,
thi s pillow has enchanced my sleeping . I convinced my husband to try pluto pillow and he also sleeps better. No more flipping. Or attempts to reshape pillows or purchasing pillows two three times a year. I am very pleased.

Leslie K.
Finally sleeping

I was unsure the first night but I have started sleeping through the night, even though I'm pregnant. Game changer.

Much better than most pillows

I love this pillow. It's not too soft so it deflates in a week, and I have real head/neck support. It's not terribly hard so there's no cradling. I do wish it were just a little softer, but I'm super happy that I bought this pillow. No regrets.

Dan J.
Love Pluto's pillow

I got My PIllow.com products in 2014. In 2019 I was appalled to learn about where my money was being spent. So glad that Pluto has come up with a pillow that is out of this world. Even better than that scoundrel's people. For me, having a firm pillow, relatively thick, good support, and a cooling aspect...all of that was important. And that's what I got. Thanks so much for asking.

Chelsea G.
Perfect for the picky side sleeper

Okay so I was skeptical. I’ve gone through 5 pillows this year already. I’m a side sleeper and I find nothing gives me the right support - either it’s too hard and uncomfortable or it’s comfy but by the end of the night, All the stuffing or whatever moves and I wake up with shoulder pain. So I figured why not try this one and filled out the whole questionnaire and waited. And waited. And waited (it takes a bit). But my god was it worth the wait! I’m legit telling everyone about this pillow now and sleeping so good! And I’m waking up without any pain which is the important part!!! Highly recommend but don’t expect it fast (perfection cannot be rushed lol)

Stephanie G.
great pillow

i love this pillow it did take some adjustment time but i love it great buy

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