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Zach B.
Best sleep in years

I haven't slept this well in years. I am an insomniac, and this has helped me immensely. Thank you for your work Pluto Pillow

Linda S.
Sometimes Good is Great

Ok, when you have neck problems, there is no perfect pillow. And when you sleep on both your sides AND your back, that complicates things. So that's me in a nutshell. I need support but not much height when I'm on my back. I need to be close to flat when I lay on my back. Initially this pillow was too high. They worked with me on getting this improved. When I sleep on my side it's less critical pain-wise, but we all still need some height to accommodate the height of our shoulders. This pillow does a good job. It's supportive but still feels soft. And the support from the Pluto people to get it closer to great was impressive. It's not quite as customizable as would have been optimum for my unique needs, but it's the best I've found. And, they want to make it as right as possible for each individual.

Caryn N.
Good support

I have had my pillow for a little bit now. I have found that it works well as my bottom support pillow with a down pillow on top. That gives me a little more height too for reading or watching my ipad at night. I get the soft top with the nice support underneath. I don't feel like I my pillows are flat and hard in the morning. I sleep on my side mostly and neck pain has decreased a good amount since using my new pillow. I do find that the Pluto pillow slips out of the pillow case a bit as it's cover has a silky finish. I think if I was using it directly that might be something I'd have to adjust each night, but as a bottom support pillow it's been fine and doesn't move too much. Overall, I am happy with my purchase

Hi Caryn - thank you so much for taking the time to share this wonderful review. We're going to be in touch shortly to share some tips regarding your pillowcase. Above all, we really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your sleep and if there's anything else we can do to create an even better experience, we'll always be here. Above all, thank you for your support of our brand! -Pluto Team

Matthew M.
Best Pillow

I’ve gone through hundreds of different pillows, expensive ones, inexpensive ones on a quest to sleep better and find a good pillow. My Pluto Pillow is the best, in fact I bought a second one as a backup.

Never slept better

I've been on the pillow hunt for years. I'm a real Goldilocks. Every pillow left me feeling stiff and sore. I sleep on my side and wake on my stomach. I gave Pluto a very detailed description of what I liked and disliked about past pillows and they more than got it right. I even catch my partner creeping over now to catch a corner. Highly recommend. Worth every penny.

Fantastic customer service

I highly recommend this company. The customer service is outstanding! The Pluto pillow is made extremely well. Take a chance, do the questionnaire and receive an amazing pillow.

10/10 product and customer service

Definitely reccomend. These guys stand behind their product and are willing to work with you to make sure you get a pillow that is perfect for your sleep style.

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