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Slept like a baby!!! Highly recommended!!!

Slept great for the first time in months! I has been struggling with a stiff neck for a while and tried several different pillows, not realizing that I could design a pillow based on my specific needs. My Pluto pillow keeps me cool and is the perfect size and depth for sleeping on my side. I suggest getting a pillow protector with zipper to help preserve the fabric and keep the pillowcase from slipping off. Wonderful pillow!

Quality pillow

If you're in the market for a new pillow, I highly recommend trying these guys out. It's a neat idea, but more importantly, it results in a very well-built, high quality pillow, that feels like mine and mine only.

If you're wondering, its worth it.

I wanted to wait a few weeks before I left a review. I really wanted to sleep on it ( no pun intended ) and experience it on a regular basis.
First off, after 3 days, my sore neck wasn't as sore anymore. After about a week, I felt more refreshed waking up and didn't have that " not enough rest" feeling. It's been a few weeks and the pillow has kept its shape, keeps cool at night, and my neck is no longer sore. I'm VERY happy with it! Considering getting rid of all my pillows and replacing them with Plutos. Also, shoutout to their customer service and super fast shipping! Don't sleep on it ( but really do ), you won't be disappointed.

Five stars!

I'm very impressed with not just my Pluto pillow but also with the rockstar reps who helped me. From a product standpoint, I've been looking for a custom pillow company for a while, but the other options were much too pricey. I was sold when I stumbled upon Pluto and because it was so easy.

When I submitted the wrong address for my shipping and emailed them, someone was able to respond within 5 minutes which was actually pretty cool. Within 30 minutes I had a great conversation with them regarding the whole process and they answered some questions I had about the materials. By that point I was confident that in case things didn't work out, they have my back. Or neck. Or head.

But there is no need for that. It has been a few days now and I'm so happy with how my pillow improved my sleep. I finally found a slim pillow that I love. Thank you!


At first, my pluto pillow seemed low. It was much lower than my old pillow. But after using it for several nights, I'm a believer. I wake up feeling refreshed and the bit of ache that used to come and go hasn't come back!

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