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First night, I actually slept!

I have severe neck and back problems and the first night I used the Pluto Pillow, I slept without waking until 4am. My usual night "sleep" was from 11pm to 12:15am, then about 1:20am to 3am, and so on. Since I've had the pillow, I sleep for hours in comfort. I've already recommended the Pluto Pillow to a number of friends.

Slept like a baby

My personalized Pluto pillow has made going to bed a pure pleasure. I love the quilted cover. It is cool against my skin. The height is just right as well as the squish factor.


I am really enjoying this pillow Best yet!

Dream pillow

Quick storytime: when I was younger, I was able to sleep on any pillow out there, but somehow along the way, I became very picky and specific about my pillows. The downside to this? I never found the pillow I wanted, with the features I wanted, online or in stores. Adjustable foam flattened out to a hard layer, tempurpedics were REALLY firm to me (besides the symphony one) The closest I ever came was a $170 pillow from an italian brand, which to my dismay, lost its volume rather quickly! So the ability to be specific to a brand about what I wanted and for them to make one for me was a fantastic approach. If you've tried it all, and haven't tried Pluto, do the 100 night trial, because this pillow is amazing!!! I love how tall mine is, how it's both plushy and supportive, and maybe strangely, the pleasant blue gusset :D


The pillow is really nice and supportive. I just wish it had a little more sink in, but that’s my fault for saying I like settled.

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