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The Pluto Team is Awesome - so is my pillow

Pluto is serious about making sure your pillow is perfect. My original review was a 3-star. The team contacted me immediately and asked how they could help improve my pillow. The next version was better, but still not as comfortable as I had hoped it would be. The team asked me more questions and tweaked my pillow once again. This time? Perfection! I love my pillow and truly appreciate the superior level of service I've received from Pluto. Thank you!

Best Experience

Pillow pairs great with the Casper Wave! Before coming across Pluto, trust me when I say that I have tried them all, going through a mattress and pillow trial and error phase. Comfier than MyPillow, Coop, Casper, Ghost, Tempur, and more. Hope you come out with more products!

Great company

I think the beauty of this model is that they can create something that's right for you - if you give them specifics. They also don't crater in like loose foam does or feel like a solid block. I no longer heat up at night and feel ready for those summer months. My custom pillow also won brownie points from the wife, who has tough standards ;)

Much Better Sleep

If my sleep quality was rated at a 1 star before the Pluto pillow, I am now at a 4 star. I sleep much better, but still not quite perfect. I am a side sleeper who has wider shoulders.

Hi Rebecca - thanks for your review and thrilled to hear how things are going! We've also reached out via the email we have on file for you as we're excited to learn more. Please feel free to reach out to us at Look forward to chatting! -Pluto Team
Fabulous pillow

As a terrible sleeper to begin with, this pillow has made me so happy! From the first night, it’s helped me sleep more comfortably and fall asleep more quickly.

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