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Customer Reviews

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Barbara A.
Best pillow ever!!!!!

I have purchased so many expensive pillows in hopes of finding the one that would allow me to sleep without waking throughout the night. I am finished looking!!! This pillow is absolutely perfect.

Debra J.
Oh wow

This is the best pillow ever!!! I just thought I was in love with my old worn out pillow. I thought I could never replace it. My Pluto Pillow has surpassed all expectations.

Gary L.
“The” Pillow! Finally!

I’ve been searching for a “rock” pillow to keep my neck from hurting. Getting a “10” Pluto is perfect! Finally, a pillow hard enough to relieve my neck pain!!

Paul O.
Pluto Dreams!

I absolutely love my new Pluto pillow! Custom comfort built to your desires. I would highly recommend this product to any sleeping beauties. Paul O’Neal

Angela C.

I’m sleeping better.

nadine s.

My husband and i have a closet filled with rejected pillows - too hard, too soft, give us headaches, neckaches, etc. Been on a long quest for the PERFECT pillow and now finally found them! we both ordered and knew as soon as our heads touched the pillows our quest was over. It feels divine, supports the neck, softly cradles our heads, everything about the pillow is exactly what we both needed (we ordered different features and Pluto got it totally right for both of us!). can't recommend highly enough. May be ordering another one for our rv so i don't forget to travel with it!

Kimberlee M.

I’ve spent A LOT of money trying to find a pillow that works and allows me a better nights sleep. Pluto pillow is it!
After about a week transition I have slept better, wake up less, If at all, and overall feel much more rested.
The pillow is cooling, which I totally didn’t believe! but is! I spent what felt like hours before trying to get comfortable, flipping pillows for the “cool” side. Super frustrating.
I’ve talked about my pillow to everyone that asks or says something negative about how they are currently sleeping!
Never thought something on Shark tank would boo so awesome!!

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