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Deceptively Effective

I tend to collect pillows as I keep looking for one that will help my neck pain. I've been unsuccessful until I stumbled upon the Pluto Pillow. Since I started sleeping on it, my neck pain has improved dramatically. It's only been a week but I can tell the difference. Now I need to get a second to take with me when I travel!


I like my pillow, however I'd like to make some changes.

Hi Noor - thanks for sharing your thoughts! We've reached out via the email we have on file for you and are excited to conduct a proper follow-up. Please feel free to reach back out to us at sleepy@plutopillow.com and we'll explore next steps. Look forward! -Pluto Team
My Review

I've been using a pillow with an adjustable knob that I was partial to, until it flattened out and turning the knob did nothing. I absolutely love my new pillow and as long as it doesn't flatten out, fingers crossed, it will never need adjustment. Thank you.

Pillow trial

I like it! The smell is weird, but it seems to be getting better. My neck feels less stiff

Hi Gabriela - thanks so much for leaving a review! We're thrilled to hear of your experience so far. A quick note on the scent: just like with a new mattress, should your pillow have a scent, it should go away quickly (feel free to remove the cover to expedite this!). Rest assured that this scent comes from a fresh, CertiPUR-US, foam core and not from any harmful chemicals. Feel free to learn more here: http://certipur.us/about-the-seal/. If you have any questions or additional feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at sleepy@plutopillow.com. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend! -Pluto Team
Fantastic company. Product is top notch.

As a senior, it is difficult for me to order anything online without speaking to a real person over the phone. So when I happened upon a custom pillow company and was intrigued by their idea of a plush and firm combo, I was hesitant: because there wasn't a phone number.

I emailed their corporate email asking for a phone number and to my surprise, got a response very quickly. Though, the problem was that they didn't have a phone number... but were detailed in their responses answering my each and every question. I normally feel these hip brands are full of fluff, but the representatives were professional as can be. The real test now comes to the pillow.

The pillow was delivered in 5 days after order confirmation. From there, it took about 2-3 nights to fully adjust as I've been using my previous pillow for the past 10 years. I've found that I wake up less throughout the night and that my head sinks down to a very doughy, soft feel. I'm happy that replacing my old pillow has made such a difference and I recommend this company for their responsiveness and their quality product.

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