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Grace C.
Amazing customer service!

This company has the most amazing customer service I have ever seen. They get back with you quickly no matter what the problem is. They are so kind and will work with you on any issue that you have. A very trustworthy company.

Mistie G.
Seriously life changing!

I am 48, and I was born with autoimmune arthritis. I’ve never had a pain free day outside of the rare times I took a five day dose of steroids. My pain cycle looks like this: the more I hurt the worse I sleep, the worse I sleep the more pain I’m in. For 30 years, I have suffered from debilitating neck pain. I take meds at bedtime, slather on ointments, and then toss and turn and clench my jaws from the pain. I am treated with low dose chemo every 5-8 weeks in an effort to battle this disease. I have invested easily over $2000 on pillows throughout the years in search of badly needed relief. Nothing helped. Nothing helped until I saw an unsponsored review on TikTok from Under the desk news. Your company was so different, and your approach so unique 8 had to give it a try. For the first time in decades, my neck doesn’t hurt when I wake up! My face doesn’t hurt from clenching my jaw in agony. I’ll never buy a pillow anywhere else. You have a grateful customer for life. I cannot express how impactful this has been for me. Truly changed my life. If only my physicians asked as insightful questions and genuinely listen to my responses like Pluto! What a world that would be. Thank you!

Rebecca M.
Best pillow yet

I have tried pillows that cost $200+ and this pillow by far exceeds them. The king size is perfect and however they build it based on your answers is magical. I have recommended it to several people and am very happy with my purchase.

Mark B.
Good service and product

Pluto provides a custom designed pillow according to a customer's specifications. I was in the middle of a move and they even managed to reroute the delivery to my new address.

U. D.
Pain is gone

I didn't think a pillow could make a difference. I was wrong. After one night of sleep, I woke up without neck pain and a marked reduction of back pain. Worth the money. Loved it so much, I bought my father a pillow.

Chris T.
Love my Pluto Pillow!

This is a great quality pillow and well worth the money! Another reviewer said she "pet" hers when she first got it, lol... I did the same! It's so soft and comfy, but very supportive. It took several days to get used to it, but I really love it and find that I am sleeping better without having to constantly adjust and fluff my pillow, as with my previous one (who shall go unnamed). Also, it's nice to be able to remove the cover and throw it in the wash (which I did immediately to get rid of the weird smell). I highly recommend getting a Pluto pillow!!


I never thought a pillow could be so amazing yet here we are... Highly recommend!!!

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