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Laurie D.
Great Pillow!

I am really satisfied with my new pillow but am thinking of getting another one and tweaking it just a bit. I love how soft the outer layer is and it cradles my head nicely. I would like to order another that is maybe just a little more firm on the inside but overall I still like the one I have. I have tried every pillow out there and this one is the nicest and the softest. I would recommend Pluto to others.

Monica S.
Best sleep in a long time

This pillow is way more than I expected. Definitely keeps it's shape and I don't wake up during the night with a sunken pillow. Love it! Also, the packaging of the pillow was awesome and you can re use the box for storage. Great idea!

Donna B.
No more neck pain!

I have tried so many different pillows but have always still awoken with neck pain. No more. I love this pillow. I am planning on gifting one toy friend and sisters for Christmas.

richard p.
Wonderful sleep

I’ve been trying new pillows for years that never worked until I had a custom Pluto Pillow made for me and I love it!

Gen A.
Love my custom pillow

I definitely would recommend purchasing a custom pillow to all my friends and family. The best sleep I've had using my new pillow. Worth every penny.

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