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Satisfied c.
Pluto - more than a planet

This pillow does what the web advert says. Excellent support and doesn’t sleep hot, and doesn’t start losing shape after a month. Yes it’s somewhat expensive - but not that much more than many that don’t measure up. Sometimes you have to pay for quality - you actually get what you pay for.

Great Pillow!

Finally, finally found the pillow that is right for me! No more adjusting two or more pillows at night and never getting it right. Sleeping very well with my Pluto Pillow.

Debra S.
I love my pillow!

I don't usually take pillows on vacations, but after sleeping on this pillow, it now goes on vacation with me. Thank you so much! I finally found my forever pillow.

Elizabeth R.
Love this pillow!

Although it took several nights to adjust to a new pillow, the Pluto Pillow is great. As a back to side sleeper, I always had two pillows at hand. This pillow is perfect for both!

Dave H.
Thanks for SUPPORT

This pillow is awesome!! I do not have to adjust it 5 times a night to keep it firm but soft. We have tried different one in the past, No contest to yours. I now sleep !!! Already have recommended to friends.

LeeAnn G.
Purchase Now!

I saw this pillow on a TikTok ad and was skeptical. I read the great reviews and thought, why not? I received the pillow and OH. MY. GOSH! This is literally the best pillow I have ever had. My back pain is gone and I have slept through the night. I am a terrible sleeper and toss and turn all night, but not with this amazing pillow. Pluto, keep doing an amazing job! You turned a skeptic into a full fledged believer 😊

Susan P.
My new pillow

My Pluto pillow is great! It fits me perfectly and I look forwrd to many comfortable nights!

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