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For those seeking THE ONE pillow.... seek no more!

I was looking for a really great pillow that would provide a good night sleep, no sore muscles or necks in the morning (at least not due to inadequate pillow) and that would last for awhile! Tired of spending money on cheap pillows that I had to replace every few months, I figured I would try a better quality pillow, even if it meant spending more money on a pillow that I'd ever imagined I would spend on one!!
My neighbor had gotten a Pluto Pillow and she sent me a link with a $5 off coupon. Along with the link came her very positive review, so I decided to go for it.

I have slept on my Pluto pillow now for probably 3 months or so and I am sooo happy. GONE is my stack of pillows under pillows that I used to get the support I felt I needed for my neck every night. I do have one very flat pillow underneath my pluto pillow, but that's it. My Pluto pillow springs back to shape during the day, it has not lost its shape yet. It definitely breathes, keeps my face nice and cool and dry and I simply love it and I had being places where I don't have my pluto pillow! I have officially become that person who brings her pillow along to hotel and other overnight stays (when possible).

I do want to say though that if you are having any issues with your pillow, go ahead and contact customer service before posting your review here. When my Pluto pillow arrived, it was a little too low for my taste so I contacted customer support and within a week, the entire issue had been taken care of and I had my PERFECT pillow! So don't jump on here and post a negative review without trying to resolve with customer service first. The service from their side was amazing, very very friendly and accommodating and fast turnaround so definitely let them know if you're not happy with your pillow. They will fix it!

Thanks Pluto for my awesome pillow!!


I have an obsession with finding a great pillow. I found one this year in @plutopillow. Not only is my custom pillow great, but their brand and customer service is seriously unbeatable! I hate for this to sound like an advertisement, but they seriously have a great product and team. They could have just sold me a pillow and been done with me. But they keep in contact frequently to see how I'm enjoying the pillow.

A+ Customer Service and Amazing Affordable Custom Pillow!

I've been sleeping on the same memory foam pillows for eight years. It was time for an update. I'm over heavy, dense memory foam. I want to sink into a pillow but still feel supported. I had also started experiencing neck pain after years of poor laptop and cell phone posture. I spent weeks researching different pillow companies and settled on Pluto Pillow because of the cost and customization. The order came with candy and a summary of the questionnaire, which was a nice touch. The Pluto Pillow turned out to be too high for me because I thought I needed that. I contacted Pluto's customer service and they are the BEST I've ever experienced. They are very responsive and helpful. Now, I have such a comfortable, cool pilllow that takes away neck pain. I can't stop raving about the quality and their customer service. Hurry before they sell out!

Great pillow and great customer service!

I have several high end pillows and to me this is one of the best pillows on the market! I'd buy another when the time comes!

Yes Yes Yes

The pillows that I tend to like can be distinctly different from what you tend to like...and that's what makes this company awesome. As many of the reviews suggested, it's important to take the right amount of time to adjust to the pillow. I requested a pillow that was thick and bouncy and finally found the pillow of my dreams 💭

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