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Irene S.
By far the best pillow I've ever slept on!

These pillows are amazing, hands down. I have tried them all: shredded memory foam, buckwheat husks, gel, contoured memory foam, down filling, you name it. While I enjoyed some of those pillows some of the time, they always ended up failing me in one way or another. The moment I got my Pluto pillow, I unpacked it and had to try it right away. I swear I heard my head and neck sigh in relief! I asked for a supportive pillow that also had that melt-in feeling, and I don't know what wizardry it is, but they did it! I've been trying to get my husband to give my pillow a try to see what he thinks so I can have him take the quiz and get him one. I think their quiz is the most important thing, and that's what gets everybody what they need out of the pillow so take your quiz carefully! These pillows are Worth. Every. Dollar!

Katy M.
Best pillow ever

I was unsure when my husband ordered new pillows. But after 2-3 nights of sleeping with our new pillows, I’ll never buy a different pillow brand again. Truly sleep changing! The perfect height and firmness! I have spent too many years with poor sleep and now with a perfect pillow my sleep quality is improving as well as any soreness in my back and neck. Thank you Pluto!

Phillip P.
Great pillow!

I am very pleased with my Pluto pillow. I am sleeping much better at night!

Marc H.
Upgrade for sure

I’ve never been big on pillows. Literally had the same ones since I was a child but pluto pillow is easily an all around upgrade. Need to grab another one soon for sure.

Good for painful joints

This is a very unique pillow in that it is very bouncy and cushy while being supportive. Most of my pillows I use in conjunction with other pillows but this one really works best as its own pillow and doesn't play as well with others. Big fan of this in propping up my arm and hip that I broke this year.


Very happy so far. Seems to be a high quality product and is comfortable

Nearly perfect

Mine is just a bit too tall/thick, but otherwise it’s such a nice pillow. Oddly I love that the pillow feels heavy… I don’t know why that matters but it does

Hi Brooke - thank you very much for taking the time to share your review! As your pillow continues to adjust to you, please feel free to reach out to sleepy@plutopillow.com if there's anything we can do to create an even better fit. Thanks for giving us a shot and for your support of our brand. -Pluto Team

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