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Mary K.

Love love my new Pluto pillow! I would definitely recommend it for better sleep and if you have trouble with neck pain. My neck is so much better!

colleen F.L.
Love this pillow

I have had neck pain and have been clenching g my jaw for almost a year...I have tried several pillows from several retailers and none have been right. My husband bought me a Pluto Pillow for Christmas and I have slept so good for the entire last month. I can stop talking about this pillow.

Best pillow ever!

I have back and neck pain constantly and have tried so many different pillows and Pluto is by far the best pillow I’ve ever slept on! No fluffing in the middle of the night, no wondering where my pillow went and no more tossing and turning all night. I wake up feeling rested, my neck isn’t stiff and I can actually get out of bed without pain. I love my Pluto pillow!!

Mary M.
Best Ever

Only took a couple of nights to get used to it. It keeps it’s form but isn’t rigid. Great fit for my neck.

Better than "My Pillow"

I was constantly buying pillows because they all end of flat. I spent hundreds of dollars. The I saw these guys on Shark Tank. So, I thought, what's one more to buy. I am so glad I did. My husband even had to get one after he tried mine for a night & I mean one night.. I have had this for several
months now (since mid July 2021and it is still as puffy as the day I got it. I just throw it in the dryer to get it a little higher and refreshed. After all this time, I figured it was time for a review. The ONLY thing I would change is the outer fabric. It's a little too slippery. It constantly moves around in the pillow case (yes, it's a standard case). But, it's still a 5 star review.

Linda W.
Love it!

I have tried for years to find a good pillow and can honestly say I have found it! I suffered from neck pain before I tried Pluto Pillow and my neck pain is now gone. I recently purchased one for my husband, it should be arriving soon and I recently recommended this pillow to my brother. Highly satisfied!

James S.
So far, so good

I think the search for the perfect replacement pillow is over. So far, I am really enjoying my pluto pillow.

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