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The pillow of the new generation.

Pillows have always been a mattress company's afterthought. Here at Pluto, they're our focus. Pluto innovates upon the best materials to provide comfort that is personalized to you – all for $89 and free shipping.

For example, does your head get hot when you sleep at night?

Totally! Nope, I stay cool.

Pluto Pillow

How It Works

  1. Tell Us About Yourself
    Fill out a quick questionnaire used to gauge what sort of pillow is best for you.
  2. We use your info to build your personalized pillow
    We use your info to build your personalized pillow through our patent pending process for optimized support and comfort.
  3. We deliver your personal pillow right to your door within 7 business days.
    Your personal pillow ships free and is delivered to you within 7 business days. You'll have 100 nights to test your Pluto pillow.

About The Pillows

Our pillows are constructed with a foam inner core and outer plush pillow, unique to your individual profile.

Foam is the material of the future, providing the best support, and we'll match you with the right one. We'll then encase this in an outer pillow that adds a soft fluff. No need to sacrifice support for plush comfort.

We need to learn a bit about you through your answers to create your pillow. All answers will be kept confidential.

Plush, yet supportive — a hybrid design for a great balance of the best of both worlds.

Breathable materials plus highly adaptive comfort across a wide temperature range for ideal pressure relief.

Dynamic and durable. No additional fluffing needed.

Pluto Pillow

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