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Oprah Daily's 2024 Most Customizable Pillow Sleep Award
CNN Underscored 2023 & 2024 Best Overall Pillow
Men's Health 2023 Editor's Choice Stomach Sleeper Pillow
Experience the comfiest body pillow ever: the Pluto PUFF!
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This Futuristic-Looking Pillow Is The Solution To My Travel Nap Woes
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You’ll Ditch Store-Bought Pillows Forever Once You Try This Customizable Brand
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Pluto Pillow review: next-level customization and comfort
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This Travel Pillow Is Like Being Inside a Mini Sensory Deprivation Tank
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I Tried the First Fully-Customized Pillow, and It Gave Me Hours More of Uninterrupted Sleep
Sample press HL
Naively, I assumed that a down pillow — punched into the perfect height and shape — was a good as it was going to get. The Pluto Pillow changed my mind.
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Pluto’s customizable pillow finally helped me to snore less and sleep more.
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Pluto Pillow on ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
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It’s pretty amazing and is now my favorite pillow I’ve used!
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I Tried the Customizable Pillow With Hundreds of Glowing Reviews — and My Neck Has Never Felt Better
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Meet the 2020 Live Better Award winners.
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This customized pillow is perfect for the person who feels like no pillow has ever done them justice. It’s the perfect way to finally get what you want.


Sleep Better Now
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Pluto Pillow is the rest and only custom pillow brand.
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An algorithm uses this intel to create up to 35 variations in his pillow, which we predict will significantly lower the chances of complaining about waking up with a sore neck.
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Tell Pluto how you sleep and it'll use science to make you a custom pillow.
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When I first received my Pluto Pillow, I was thoroughly pleased with the results. My new pillow is the perfect thickness and softness, and it gives excellent support for my big noggin.

Apartment Therapy

This Custom Pillow Might Just Change Your Life
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All you have to do is take a quiz online to get the best snooze ever. (Video)
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With Pluto’s modular, custom pillows, you simply fill out a preferences quiz, and their experts will build your perfect pillow.
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As a custom pillow, the Pluto is personalized to fit your height, weight, sleep position habits, and pillow preferences.
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Developed from hundreds of stories about the way people sleep, combined with extensive research, the Pluto Pillow’s patent-pending process crafts the perfect pillow
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This database powers an algorithm that calculates the optimal Pluto Pillow for individuals based on their preferences and needs.
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This Pillow Was Literally Made for You and You Alone
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The Pluto pillow is a truly custom-built pillow made to match the unique needs of any sleeper.
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So if you want to make poor pillow choices a thing of the past, Pluto Pillow is 100% worth checking out.
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Pluto Pillow aims to take the guesswork out of pillow shopping with an interactive questionnaire and algorithm to find you the perfect density for your personal needs.
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The easy-to-use questionnaire puzzles together all of the features that will help you maintain a healthy night's sleep.
Sample press YL
I was surprised by how much I loved the slight firmness that was paired with a plush outer cover.
Sample press FFW
Pluto Pillow does all the hard work for you, crafting a sleep aid that's comfortable, structured, and offers just the right amount of support for you right from the jump.
Sample press HB
You really can't beat something that's tailor-made for your body, and that's exactly what the Pluto Pillow does.
Sample press C
I did not buy into the "made just for you" hype at first, but again, what do I know, because this one ended up being one of my favorites, if not the favorite
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I Spent $85 on a Custom Pillow, and I'm Not Kidding, It Has Changed My Life
All you have to do is take a quick quiz, and this company will formulate a completely custom pillow to best suit your needs.
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Pluto is a customized pillow that is best suited for your sleep style, using an online quiz to prescribe the perfect cushion for you.
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You’ll be dying to get into bed with your Pluto at the end of the day.
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I Got a Custom Pillow From Pluto, and My Little Head Freaking Loves It
Sample press H
The pillow is everything I never knew I needed in a pillow.
Sample press BC
Sure, there are lots of good pillows out there, but this one is totally customized to your sleep style.
Sample press R29
The prompt is designed to build a perfect pillow for their personal sleep-styles.
Sample press DB
Pluto Pillow Is a Truly Customizable Pillow
Sample press P
I Tried The Custom Pluto Pillow, And Now I Fall Asleep In No Time
Sample press HB
Having a pillow that's made just for you? There's nothing dreamier.
Sample press V
It's tailor-made to your own unique sleep needs. And the results are impressive.


The Vicious Cycle of Pillow Shopping Has Met Its Match
Sample press PW
I raved so much about my new pillow to my roommate, she insisted on trying it the other night to see what all the fuss was about. She hated the height and density of it, and felt it wasn’t thick enough for her taste. Guess she'll need to get her own.
Sample press TG
This was odd. I was certain I was going to try this pillow I’d never heard as a novelty, and go back to the old guard as if nothing had happened. “Why don’t you just keep using the new one?” my wife said. “You seem to LIKE it.” She was right, and that’s just what I did.
Sample press FC
I took the survey and tested the pillow, and found that it did, indeed, provide exactly the right combination of support and softness for me, which helped me fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer.
Sample press GD
When they arrived, it was apparent that the customization isn’t just a gimmick.
Sample press WH
Pluto is definitely the most talked about custom pillow at the moment, perhaps for its approachable price and on-point minimalist branding.


Make poor pillow purchases a thing of the past with Pluto Pillow’s comprehensive questionnaire, which allows you to craft a personalized pillow with the right balance of support and comfort from more than 25 possible variations.
Sample press DJ
The release of Pluto Pillow is the first of its kind among the existing online sleep and mattress companies, with the goal of putting the focus back to where sleepers lay their heads every night.
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