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Due to high demand, some custom pillows may be delayed 🙂
Current delay for custom original 24"x16" pillows: up to 3 weeks
Current delay for custom king 34"x16" pillows: up to 3 weeks

Pluto POD

Arrive at your destination well-rested and energized with the most complete travel pillow in the world. Try it for 110 nights risk-free.

Travel has never been so comfortable. Shaped by feedback from everyday travelers, flight attendants and sleep researchers, the patent pending Pluto POD is for travelers, by travelers. Features include a structured pillowy hood (so that you can lean against the window comfortably), adjustable 360-degree, ultra-supportive design around your neck and chin, and a built-in eye mask.

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Sleep like you’re in first-class in all your travels

Adjustable support & comfort
Easy to store, super portable, hygienic design
Highest sensory deprivation out of all travel pillows
3 in 1 ways to use
110 Night Risk-Free Trial
How we got here

After conducting a National Sleep Survey of over 2000 U.S. adults we found that 65% of people have difficulty sleeping while traveling by car, train or plane and more than 50% of respondents agreed that their ability to enjoy an adventure was compromised by jet lag and travel fatigue. We knew that after dedicating years on improving the pillow in the bedroom, it was time for us to try our hand at the pillow you take with you on trips – a.k.a. the travel pillow! We were tired of seeing the same horseshoe, U-shaped designs or tacky ones that made you look ridiculous. So, we got to work with one of the best design firms in the world, IDEO and listened to sleep researchers, flight attendants, and traveleres to build the ultimate travel pillow. We hope you relax just as much on your journey as you do your destination!

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