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Experience the comfiest body pillow ever: the Pluto PUFF!
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Arrive at your destination well-rested and energized with the most complete travel pillow in the world.

Shaped by feedback from everyday travelers, flight attendants and sleep researchers, the patent pending Pluto POD is for travelers, by travelers.

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Adjustable support & comfort
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Super portable & hygienic design
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Be in your own space
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Multiple ways to use
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Why is this travel pillow for me?

Because you (and we!) know the travel part of traveling stinks—the seats hardly recline, the noisy hum of jet engines haunts your ears and the passenger next to you turns on the in-flight entertainment right as you’re trying to get some shuteye. It’s a draining flight that feels like it’ll go on forever. It’s not fun to reach your destination exhausted, so we buckled down to solve this problem for good by creating the ultimate travel pillow

We partnered with lauded design firm IDEO to create it and received a lot of valuable feedback from focus groups made up of flight attendants and frequent travelers to create the ultimate travel companion for you.

Woman wearing a Pluto POD travel pillow in the backseat of a car on her phone
Neck support that actually works

Typical neck pillows don’t offer adequate neck support. This results in waking up with aches, strains and a haze of exhaustion that makes you question if you slept at all.

As a result, we based the POD’s neck pillow off of a neck brace, and then dialed it back down a bit for a cushiony, supportive feel for optimal sleep no matter your neck size and shape.

Man wearing a Pluto POD travel pillow sitting and leaning against wall
Maximum light and noise blocking

Conde Nast described the POD like being inside a mini sensory deprivation tank. This was the goal. Research has shown that we don’t typically get great sleep when traveling because we’re not in our own space / environment. Makes sense—you probably sleep better in the privacy of your own bedroom (on your Pluto Pillow) than, let’s say, on a massive metal vehicle that hurls through the sky at 550 mph.

With the POD, you get to create your own privacy and capsule with the pillowy hood and built in eye mask. Look, you might look like an astronaut when you’re POD'ed up, but you’ll finally be able to get some sleep.

An image of the Pluto POD wrapped around a luggage handle
It has to be portable

Typical travel pillows are bulky and cumbersome as they eat up valuable space in your carry-on.

Not so with the POD! We spent a lot of time designing it to be able to be rolled up into a small burrito-shape that also works great as a back cushion for lumbar support or a mini pillow.

The POD only asks for a modest space on or in your luggage. You can either wrap the POD on your luggage handle or loosely around your neck. Lots of ways to save precious travel space!

Travel pillow designs during our development process
How we got here

After conducting a National Sleep Survey of over 2000 U.S. adults we found that 65% of people have difficulty sleeping while traveling by car, train or plane and more than 50% of respondents agreed that their ability to enjoy an adventure was compromised by jet lag and travel fatigue. We knew that after dedicating years on improving the pillow in the bedroom, it was time for us to try our hand at the pillow you take with you on trips – a.k.a. the travel pillow! We were tired of seeing the same horseshoe, U-shaped designs or tacky ones that made you look ridiculous. So, we got to work with one of the best design firms in the world, IDEO and listened to sleep researchers, flight attendants, and travelers to build the ultimate travel pillow. We hope you relax just as much on your journey as you do your destination!

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