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Two Popular Questions: "Why don't you show what pillow I'm getting at checkout?" and "How does your customization process work?"
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Hi! You’re here because you have questions. So let’s skip the preamble and get straight to business.

“Pluto Pillow, why won’t you tell me exactly what kind of pillow I’ll get at checkout?”

Short Answer (and fun fact): We used to do this. And it was a disaster.

Much Longer Answer: When we launched in 2018, we did show you which of the 35+ pillow builds you’d get based on your answers in the questionnaire.

This approach made a lot of sense in theory, but in practice it didn’t work. Customers would see what build they’d get at checkout. That’s good! If they didn’t like what they read, they’d go back and adjust the answers in their questionnaire to get a build that sounded better to them. That’s bad!

Here’s why: First, it more often resulted in a pillow that didn’t fit their needs since, on some level, they didn’t trust the results of the questionnaire. Second, it defeated the purpose of our patented process—tell us a little about yourself and we’ll take it from there. If all customers did was tinker with their answers to get a result they were happy with, we’d just put all 35+ variations up on our website and have them pick one, like any other pillow brand.

But that’s not why they, and you, are here. You’re here because the traditional way hasn’t worked. You’re here to finally find a pillow that’s just right for your body and how you sleep.

So that’s why now your answers are summarized like a mad lib that you can review and change anything that isn’t quite right. We take it from here so that the actual result that matters, crafting the right pillow that maximizes your sleep, is what you get.

Questionnaire recap sample

Here’s the results page today. You can click or tap on the underlined text to change your answers.

According to your reviews, it seems like it was the right choice. But! We get that this uncertainty can give you pause. It would definitely give us a second thought. That’s why we give you a 125-night trial. Plus we offer amazing customer support to make things right whether you decide to return it or opt to modify your pillow. We'll work with you on a solution to get you a better fit ASAP or help you with your refund. We really want to get your pillow right—that’s why we stalk our review page all day for any dissatisfied customers…

Sample review

Read any review that’s below five stars and there’s a chance that our customer service team is on it.

“Hey, wait a minute! You’re talking about variations and builds and I thought each pillow was custom-built!! You trying hoodwink me pal!!!?”

Please, let us explain! A few lukewarm reviews, like in Mashable’s review, as well as USA Today's review, share the sentiment of the angry-sounding question above. Mashable’s reviewer says, “The company already has at least 35 different pillows to choose from, they’re just using your questionnaire to decide which one they’ll send you rather than you choosing for yourself.”

This is half-true. It’s true that yes, this is the intended process like we elaborated on in the first question. It’s false in the claim that we use the questionnaire to simply send you one of 35+ builds. That’s because until you submit your answers, nothing is being built.

First, your answers are processed by not only our algorithm (one that is always improving with millions of data points) but also by the hearts and minds of our trained pillow builders. The former reviews your answers, develops your sleep profile and recommends a variation that best suits you based on the current algorithm iteration. The latter reviews the open-ended question, “Anything else you would like your pillow builder to know?” What you type in here is reviewed carefully by your builder to make any further customizations.

In short, our algorithm uses your information to recommend what fundamental parts—the cover and core—should be used to craft your custom pillow. It’s largely here where 35+ variations are possible. We have so many types for every part that each variation can be radically different from one another. Then, our pillow builders make any further customizations based on anything else you want us to know. For example, we’ve had a few that emphasize how much they want the pillow to be both firm and melt-in. While that kind of request is often identified by our algorithm, having that extra note for our builder makes sure that you get what you’re really looking for.

Here’s a little more insight: We have two primary components for every pillow—a CertiPUR-US® foam core and a plush pillow cover. These two components can be dramatically different in feel, size, and materials (all based on your data). For example, the core can be as thin as 2 inches and as tall as 10 inches. It can be squishy like mashed potatoes (an actual request from one of our happy customers) to as firm as bricks. The cover adds another layer of customization, possibly giving you more height and plushiness or simply being more minimal to let the supportive inner core properties shine.

That said, although we've been fortunate to get it more right than wrong the very first try (with a less than 6% return rate), we also understand that at the end of the day, everyone can be incredibly different, with different sleep environments and behaviors. That's why it's incredibly important to actually put your first build to the test in the comfort of your home. We'll take it from there for further tweaks if you need anything else.

We hope we answered your major questions. Remember, if you’re not sure, we have a 125-night trial and a customer experience team ready to make things right.

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