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Oprah Daily's 2024 Most Customizable Pillow Sleep Award
CNN Underscored 2023 & 2024 Best Overall Pillow
Men's Health 2023 Editor's Choice Stomach Sleeper Pillow
Experience the comfiest body pillow ever: the Pluto PUFF!
The Story of Pluto
Custom Pluto Pillow in a box

“A custom pillow, obviously!”

Everybody’s got problems, and we all spend time trying to fix them. For us, we decided to make solving one problem—finding the right sleeping pillow—our entire business.

The idea sprung up when one of us owned a mountain of pillows piling up on the bed. The conversation went something like this:

“Why do you have so many pillows?”

“I buy the ones that look comfy…"

“Are they?”

“No, not really… maybe the next one will be.”

“I got it! We’ll create an e-commerce business called Pluto that sells custom pillows and each pillow is customized to the customers' needs and preferences and we’ll—” (Okay, this part didn’t happen so quickly.)

This conversation was the genesis that kickstarted Pluto. It was a simple problem—we couldn’t find a pillow that worked for us—and we bet that this was a problem a lot of other people had too. The solution? A custom pillow built entirely around your needs and preferences. Perfect! With that, we went to work.

First and foremost, we had to love our own product. That meant hundreds of consumer interviews and months of prototyping before we even sold a single pillow. We tested tons of foams and fabrics to quantify their density and durability. We consulted with a somnologist aka a sleep doctor, and a chiropractor to figure out what goes into a good night’s sleep and how a pillow helps with that. The more we did our homework, the more it made sense a pillow custom to you was the solution.

By 2018, we opened our internet doors for business, and we’re so glad that so many of you have come to love your Pluto the same way that we love ours. We’ve over 35 variations of our custom pillow. And if there’s a need for more to make our product better for you, we’ll get on it. If you’ve got a particular request that you don’t think our customization process doesn’t cover, get in touch with us

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