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Due to high demand, some custom pillows may be delayed 🙂
Oprah Daily's 2024 Most Customizable Pillow Sleep Award
CNN Underscored 2023 & 2024 Best Overall Pillow
Men's Health 2023 Editor's Choice Stomach Sleeper Pillow
Experience the comfiest body pillow ever: the Pluto PUFF!
The advantages (and disadvantages) of our hybrid design pillows

“Hey Pluto, how are you able to custom build pillows to order on such a massive scale?” That my friend is all thanks to the magic of the hybrid, modular design and our patented process.

Hybrid? Like a car?

Sort of! Where a hybrid car uses two energy sources for maximum efficiency, so too does a Pluto Pillow use two materials to provide maximum comfort. Each and every Pluto Pillow is crafted using a solid foam core encased in a plush outer cover. This not only allows us to create over 35 different variations that can each feel different from one another, but the solid core helps the pillow maintain its shape and prevents the pillow from going flat over time. And sometimes, it may not even be just one core (plot twist!).

I use two pillows: a foam and a plush one—isn’t that the same thing?

The zippered/chambered design with a foam core inside actually makes our pillows feel quite different than two pillows layered on top of each other. Most importantly, the pillow feels like one cohesive unit so the foam core doesn’t slide around. Additionally, the internal compression provided by the foam core has a more pronounced effect on the overall support and firmness level. This is why a 0.5” difference in height can make such a big difference!

If you’re just putting cores inside covers, that’s not really custom!

We like to say we craft custom, not bespoke pillows. It seems like semantics, but it really is an important distinction: We have a limited set of ingredients to craft a pillow, but each one is truly built to order based on your answers to our questionnaire. We look at the recommendation generated by our proprietary algorithm, make any tweaks or changes just in case something was missed, and then craft and pack your pillow for you to try. If it’s not right, we’re happy to adjust one or both of these components for a better fit. This is why we can get a little backed up in times of high demand!

So what’s the catch?

While we’re lucky enough to get it right much more often than when we get it wrong, we know that no model works 100% of the time for everyone. This is why we offer our 110-night risk-free trial. If your pillow isn’t right for you, let us know and we’ll be happy to explore an adjustment (if we have the materials available) or process a full return and refund.

There are a few things we can’t do like recreate a specific brand’s materials/design or craft contour/cervical pillows. But even so, we always recommend giving us a try, as you just might be surprised to find what works for you!

Free shipping and returns. Risk-free 125 night trial. Limit one per product category.
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