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Sleep Positions
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Pillows and Sleep Position—What's Best for Me?

Side sleeper? Back sleeper? Back to side to stomach sleeper?

You've seen it on every mattress and pillow website out there—"which pillow is right for my sleep position?" but what is the difference between these sleep styles, and how do they affect what products work best?

While each custom Pluto Pillow is crafted according to your unique profile using our propriety algorithm, there are still a few general guidelines

Side sleepers

Side sleepers tend to do best with thicker, more supportive pillows in order to accommodate the larger space between the head and the mattress created by the shoulders.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers often prefer very low profile pillows with a medium-medium firm level of support in order to keep the head from being pushed too far forward or sinking too far down.

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers tend to like the slimmest, softest pillows, as thick or firm pillows can very easily push the head up at an uncomfortable angle.

I’ve tried every side/back/stomach sleeper pillow out there: nothing works!

You’re not alone my friend! The “rules” for each sleep position are really just general guidelines. Every person is unique which is why we weigh your personal preferences just as heavily as your body stats and sleep positions.

Side sleeper but pillows always seem to be too thick? We’ll be sure to craft you something on the thinner side that can still provide great support

Stomach sleeper but pillows are always too soft for you? We can craft something that’s as hard as a rock but still quite thin so your head isn’t too elevated.

No matter your unique sleep style or preferences, we’ll do our best to craft the perfect fit for you. And if we can’t make it work, you can always return your pillow for a full refund under our 110-night risk-free trial!

What if I'm a combination sleeper/sleep in more than one position?

Most of us don't fit into just one box of "side sleeper" or "back sleeper"! You may fall asleep on your back and roll over onto your side in the middle of the night, or may even switch between all 3 positions. It can definitely be tricky to nail that sweet spot, especially when each position has different optimal measurements for a pillow Many pillows create dips or contours with different levels of loft to accommodate 2 or even all 3 positions, but end up resulting in a pillow that isn't comfortable no matter which position!

Our strategy is to aim right for the sweet spot based on over 3 million data points for the right loft and firmness that can be the perfect fit. We can craft pillows within a 0.5” degree of accuracy, and our materials hold their shape throughout the night for consistent support!

If you do have any specific requests for the height or firmness of your pillow, please feel free to let us know. We’ll work together to make it happen for you!

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